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10 Games I Loved!

I was nominated on Facebook to post one video game a day for 10 days that influenced my love of gaming. The rule was that it can be a game that you played personally, or a game that you saw someone else play, that made you feel feelings. I had a PS One slim, anContinue reading “10 Games I Loved!”


My First At Home Relaxer

I bit the bullet and did my own relaxer at home, thanks to COVID-19. I mainly did it to encourage my sister to do hers as well in support and solidarity. We were both pretty nervous about doing it even after watching different YouTube tutorials and tips, but she was way more nervous than IContinue reading “My First At Home Relaxer”

Pinterest Find of the Week

Donuts! When I was planning for my 30th birthday celebration weekend, I wanted to do something budget friendly yet indulgent. So I ordered a variety of 50 donuts and invited my nearest and dearest over for donuts and tea and lemonade. My creative friend who loves these kinds of craft projects offered to help makeContinue reading “Pinterest Find of the Week”


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