Classy vs. Classic

Fashion trends come and go, and there is no doubt that as the years passed, trends for female fashion started making their clothes more revealing, sultry, and sexy in one way or another. Either it’s a deep cleavage-baring neckline, strategically placed lace or mesh, or cut-outs and cropped tops leaving very little to the imagination. Let’s be real, women have always had the option to follow the trends they choose to when, where, or how they see fit. It’s really your own prerogative.

So why would the internet respond so crazy-negatively when one woman expresses her opinion and preferences? We’re all entitled to our opinions and preferences, and as we grow and learn, these opinions and preferences could change. It’s part of being human. If a fashion trend doesn’t suit you today like they did yesterday, we should be allowed to say so.

Case in point, Ayesha Curry faced a whole heap of backlash over a tweet a little while back. Maybe she used the wrong term (classy). Did she mean CLASSIC looks over trendy looks? I had a discussion about this with one of my friends and she explained that classy (like Princess Diana) was more than the fashion and clothes we wear. Dressing “well” but eating like a pig doesn’t add up to truly being classy for example. To really be called classy, you have to walk the walk and talk the talk. This doesn’t even mean you have to be overly posh (or stush as we call it in the Caribbean). To me, it has more to do with your tact when you speak and behave in various situations – knowing there is an appropriate time and place for anything. Whereas, classic looks may or may not be on trend at the time but they are timeless and only addresses the way a woman dresses for an occasion.

All of this to say, we’re all different and have our own ways of expressing ourselves through fashion at any given point in time of our lives as we see fit, and this is subject to change and evolve with time. Sometimes, it’s for our own good that certain people leave the fashion trends to women with the personality and spunk to pull them off!

Personally, my style is more conservative and I’m ok staying in my lane and leaving the hot and sexy stuff to those whose personalities can pull that off.

So let’s not hate and bring each other down, just worry about yourself and wear what you want to wear! 🙂


Published by Cimmy35

My very first blog experience was when MSN had "Spaces" (long, loonnngggg time ago) and mine was a true reflection of my personality: pink in every customisable option and full of nothingness and nonsense. I created this space to try my hand at writing and sharing what I learn and discover about life, love, and the world in general, with much less pink. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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