Japanese Cube Personality Test

I saw this online this week and when I tried it I was amazed! It was accurate for me! Will it be accurate for you?! Try it here and read a bit more of it here.

My resluts!

My cube was small like a Rubik’s and made out of colourful plastic (it was basically a Rubik’s cube) on the ground and the ladder was wooden and on the ground next to it. The horse was saddled, ready and calmly, patiently waiting for me to hop on. The flowers were on the ground around the cube and the ladder justin  little bunches of 2 or 3 and the storm is a way off but I’m not scared of it because I’ve got the horse.

What the results mean!

The cube represents your ego, or how you see yourself in the world. The size of the cube symbolises the size of your ego. So a large cube would mean you think highly of yourself. The material the cube is made out of also has meaning. The more transparent the cube is the more open you are with people. Finally, if the cube is floating high in the air, you’re likely a lighthearted and carefree person and if it’s on the ground, you’re pretty down to earth.

The ladder represents your ties to your friends. If your ladder was leaning on the cube, it means your friends can lean on you for support. (My cube was so small there’s no way a ladder could lean on it.) The closer the ladder is to the cube, the closer you are to your friends and the material of the ladder (wooden, metal, plastic, etc) represents the strength of the bonds between you and your friends.

The horse represents your relationship style. The horse being tied up or saddled means you like more control in a relationship and the wilder the horse, the wilder you like your relationships. (This was the most accurate part for me lol.)

The flower represents your children or your desire for children. If the flower is close to the cube, the closer you are to your children or the thought of having children and the more flowers you pictured (or the larger the flower is), the more children you have or want to have.

Lastly, the storm represents stresses in your life. The closer and more threatening the storm is, the more stressed you currently are.

Even if you don’t think it’s accurate for you, I think it’s still something cool to think about.

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