Building REAL Freindships

I absolutely LOVED THIS! It really made me stop, think, and take stock of who is in my life, their purpose, and my purpose in theirs.

Are you adding value to your friends’ lives? Are they adding value to yours? Are your connections real and deep?

If you disconnected from social media today, would the connections and friendships you have still flourish?

I know people that have said if they don’t see regular updates from other people on their news feed, they’ll be deleted from their friends  list. And while that’s entirely their prerogative, I think it’s a bit superficial to base the value of someone’s friendship or connection solely on how often they post pics on the internet or write on your wall.

There are now textationships, where the connection you have with another person is solely based on texting and sending memes to each other  without making any actual effort to spend face to face time with one another. Are these connections true friends?

CHALLENGE: Can you talk to your closest friend about anything in the world? How often do you ask your best friend about their day at work or how things with their partner are going? Is there anything else of significance you discuss? Thoughts? Ideas? Solutions? World events? How well do you know their personality?

In our efforts to make connections, to be heard, seen, and liked, are we forcing ourselves onto anyone who will have us? Are we screaming so loud for attention and affection online that we aren’t giving attention or affection back in person?

I can’t count the number of people who claim to be “antisocial” or the guys who get the pass for being “socially awkward” when in many cases all that’s happened is we’ve lost practice and tolerance for human missteps. When a girl goes on a date, how forgiving is she now if the guy makes a mistake because of nerves? How many males can hold a conversation about current events or books or articles they’ve read recently instead of the “hot models” scrolling through his Instagram?

Some people place value on being able to enjoy your own company, but is this only meant to legitimise loneliness? It is perfectly natural to crave companionship and human connection, even with people who may not share every single thing in common with you, but where your differences are still appreciated.

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