I have found love on Netflix in the form of Korean Dramas! Generally, I’ve always  loved Asian culture starting with anime and Japanese (my main love) and now expanding to Korean dramas and everything South Korean. I’ve been learning Japanese for more than 10 years (so ashamed!) but life always keeps getting in the wayContinue reading “K-DRAMAS! <3”

Pinterest Find of the Week

Following on with more decor inspiration, I was looking for ideas for decorating and positioning my desk in my cubicle at work and ways to organise my home office area. Obviously I was drawn to this office setup by the pink chair! (I ❤ pink) I like the L-shape so I have space to useContinue reading “Pinterest Find of the Week”

Talk Smart to Me

Aside from initial physical attraction, I’d say the next most attractive trait in a guy (or girl) is the ability to have deep meaningful conversations from time to time. I’m not saying you have to be serious 24/7, but at least have an opinion about current events and be able to share it in aContinue reading “Talk Smart to Me”