He’s Just Really Not That Into You

Here’s a list of things from this article I related to when I had to come to terms with a guy who was just really not that into me.

  1. “Texting is the easiest thing he can do and he couldn’t even keep that up, so I knew that if he wasn’t keeping the communication going then he definitely wouldn’t keep the relationship going.” — Amber, 23” Messaging went from every day to every other day or only short “Hey, whats up, oh, cool” messages.
  2. “One time we were having dinner and he told me he wasn’t ready for commitment because he feels too young for that and I stopped trying to believe I’m the exception if he’s not making me one.” — Lisa, 25 When they tell you or show you who they are, believe them.
  3. “He was always out drinking and partying. He was living the bachelor’s life and wanted me only when no one was out. He obviously didn’t want me to ruin his weekends or meet his friends — which is not what a guy does when he’s serious about you.” — Dannia, 25  Or only wanted to make plans the very last minute, no schedule in advance or six hours notice given.
  4. “He never asked to pick me up, or texted me to make sure I got home safe or any of the little gestures that a guy who is trying to win or impress you would do. He just didn’t give a shit about these small things and these things make all the difference.” — Christine, 25 No “good morning” texts, only finding time to message after 10pm with “you up?” texts, never making plans to go out, only willing to hang out at his place in his bed, or out drinking at parties.
  5. “This guy I was dating promised me the moon and the stars but when it actually came to making things happen, he would always find an excuse or blame it on the weather or his usual ‘something came up.’” — Mirna, 26 Broken promises and inability to commit to anything in advance, then followed by lame excuses.

I bought and read the book “He’s Just Not That Into You” by Greg Behrendt soon after it came out in 2009 or 2010 and all this time later, it’s still so relatable. Following the advice in the book becomes easier with experience though. If you realise any of these signs, maybe you can check out the book for more advice and more warning signs.

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