Operation: TV Show Catch Up

Let me explain.


I watch a lot of content. Some of it is critically acclaimed, but most of it is niche and unpopular. I like to finish shows I’ve started so sometimes even if the show turns to trash, I feel like I should finish it to get that closure and be informed while being judgmental about how it went. I have a really cool app I use to track all of these shows called Series Guide. I can track everything from English language shows and movies, to Korean dramas, and even Run BTS! episodes! I’m the worst person to ask for recommendations for things to watch. It might be easier to ask me what I don’t watch.

This is the list of English shows I’m playing catch-up with (without giving any spoilers just in case there are people out there thinking they want to catch up on these ancient weird shows too).

I watched all of Big Bang Theory, finally, and I loved the neat happy ending. I recently binged Season 2 of Altered Carbon and finished Season 2 of You on Netflix. I love Altered Carbon but I’m not sure if I’ll watch the next season of You. The cliffhanger ending made me roll my eyes with predictability and annoyance with Joe.

I’m Netflix Partying with my sister to finish the last season of Scandal. This is just to say I loved this show, I was invested and live-tweeted at one point and I want to have closure but at this point, Olitz annoys me and I am not happy with how her dad’s character has been broken down.

I thought I finished Blindspot but then I got the “Next Episode” prompt and realised I actually have one more season to watch to be finished. I want to finish watching Scorpion and I have 31 episodes left. This was a pretty cool show to me. I thought the concept was different enough – think crime fighting Big Bang Theory.

I never finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but I have 19 episodes left and I found that I was not actually laughing out loud anymore by the time I stopped watching.

I’m reallllly far behind in Once upon a Time. I have 44 episodes to watch but I am not opposed to finishing this because the character development in this show was pretty interesting and I really liked seeing and guessing how the characters would be brought to life and the personalities and back stories they would be assigned.

I want to catch up on the DC shows from CW like Arrow, Flash, Super Girl, and Legends of Tomorrow but I think I’m overwhelmed knowing that there are crossovers and I would want to chronologically follow the episodes as they aired. This is going to be way more involved than a regular simple binge of each of these shows. Then add on top of that to start watching Black Lightning too.

On the other hand, the Marvel shows I’m behind on include Agents of Shield (28 episodes), and the last seasons of Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Punisher, and Iron Fist and I just have to get the order of release of each show right.

The sitcoms I have to find a way to finish include Baby Daddy, Fresh off the Boat, Modern Family, This is Us, and Kim’s Convenience. Don’t judge me but these wholesome, lighthearted shows balance out all the action and drama I get in all the other shows. Add to that, Last Man Standing started back so I’m behind again.

I haven’t finished the Vampire Diaries or the Originals, and I want to start Legacies. This one is like a loyalty watch. I started these and I feel invested and curious about how they wrap this up. Similarly, I want to continue watching the New Mexico Roswell for purely nostalgic reasons lol I think I watched 2 or 3 episodes already. I started Shadowhunters but I stopped at season 2 episode 1 lol

I never started Burden of Truth, the Resident, Single Parents, The Neighborhood, or Splitting up Together but I saw the clips and they’re on my list to watch. Also, I am determined to start and binge The Crown on Netflix.

My goal is to optimize the Covid-19 lock down so I can wrap up shows before I start new ones that will come out once production companies start pumping new content out again and I have to pause to be physically social again.

And this is just the English language list!


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