K-Drama Watchlist for 2020

Okay Netflix! The global situation was perfect for us this year. Korean dramas on deck, some oldies, some classics, some new releases. What a year! Currently, I’m watching: Her Private Life (not on Netflix actually), Because This is My First Life, Run On, and Lovestruck in the City. I just finished: My First First Love,Continue reading “K-Drama Watchlist for 2020”

Pinterest Find of The Week

Every Christmas for the past 4 years, I’ve been taking pictures and creating Christmas cards to send to my friends and family. The only thing is, I’m no model so I have no idea what pose to do! I would need a professional photographer to give me pointers and guidance. Just look at these cardsContinue reading “Pinterest Find of The Week”

My Intro to K-Pop and Korean Music

Someone recently asked me to share three Youtube videos of reactions or just good Korean music that I love so he can check it out for himself. THE PRESSURE! This is almost impossible! Like everyone else, I watched and loved PSY’s Gangnam Style but that didn’t intrigue me enough to dig deeper, it was justContinue reading “My Intro to K-Pop and Korean Music”

Did My PS4 Kill My Blog?

My brother-in-law predicted this would happen and I didn’t believe him. I had all plans this year to keep my blog up to date and active. This was not the year for that after all. Before I even got my TV, I was switching my 24″ work monitor from work position to tv position onContinue reading “Did My PS4 Kill My Blog?”