Did My PS4 Kill My Blog?

My brother-in-law predicted this would happen and I didn’t believe him.

I had all plans this year to keep my blog up to date and active. This was not the year for that after all.

Before I even got my TV, I was switching my 24″ work monitor from work position to tv position on weekends just so I could get online and play games!

The novelty never wore off either. I played Crash Team Racing, Rocket League. Fall Guys, or CoD Modern Warfare all weekend from Thursday nights through to Sunday night.

My blog wasn’t the only thing to suffer. My plans to do online studying, learn a language, read some books, and get back into my art and drawing all fell through as well.

But this was not the year for that because it was the strangest year of our lives! Because of this, my friends encouraged me cut myself some slack and forgive myself for indulging in whatever helped get me through 2020 with my sanity. The PS4 and playing games every weekend with my sister and friends gave me a feeling of being social safely and not feel completely isolated and alone. The productive plans I wanted to do were very solitary activities and in this time of physical and social distancing, I don’t think those would have been very appealing or good for my mental health.

If you also took a look back at your goals for the year and realize you fell short of almost all or all entirely, don’t be too hard on yourself and know you are definitely not alone!

Published by Cimmy35

My very first blog experience was when MSN had "Spaces" (long, loonnngggg time ago) and mine was a true reflection of my personality: pink in every customisable option and full of nothingness and nonsense. I created this space to try my hand at writing and sharing what I learn and discover about life, love, and the world in general, with much less pink. Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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