My Intro to K-Pop and Korean Music

Someone recently asked me to share three Youtube videos of reactions or just good Korean music that I love so he can check it out for himself.

THE PRESSURE! This is almost impossible!

Like everyone else, I watched and loved PSY’s Gangnam Style but that didn’t intrigue me enough to dig deeper, it was just fun. But if I remember correctly, my spiral down the rabbit hole of all things K-Pop was around 2016/2017. I was already watching Korean Dramas like Descendants of the Sun on Netflix and was in love with the OST. Every song was mesmerizing and I would listen to them constantly. By this time I had already watched a couple of other dramas here and there and loved some of the ballads from those too so I was picking up songs and artists randomly. But then, in 2017 there was a Korean group that had just been nominated for a Billboard Music Award so I had to see and learn more about them.

Of course, it was BTS! I watched their music video for Not Today and I was hooked. I watched all the rest of their music videos and I was really taken by the performance and dance. So I looked up their choreographer and saw some of their own dances and knew that this was something special I needed to learn more about.

Thus, a BTS Army was born.

I had to get more so I looked at other groups and I was drawn instantly to Bigbang, Exo, and iKON just to name a few. I learned about the industry, watched some variety shows, staying up way too late, and not studying like I should have been. Then I found variety and singing shows. I saw 2 clips of Ailee and I saw one of Taeyang singing Eyes, Nose, Lips on Fantastic Duo. I watched a clip of King of the Masked Singer and this performance of Mother by Jun K of 2PM was amazing! I watched Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook and saw Park Hyo Shin perform Wildflower there.

How can three videos encapsulate the vastness of an entire genre?

Once you’ve mastered and watched all the content you can find, including random fan-made compilations, then you might find yourself looking for even more content and you resort to reliving the discovery process vicariously through reactors. I started watching TheJessLyfe since she was a black American K-Pop fan but she doesn’t do reactions to K-pop anymore. So I watched BrisXLife, ReactToTheK, DKDKTV, xCeleste, Form of Therapy, Joey Nato, WhatchaGot2Say, and Jordan Orme.

So what did I end up sharing? BrisXLife since I watched almost his entire journey of discovery K-Pop, Joey Nato since he is super technical about music production and can’t function when he reacts to Twice LOL. But as of now, I haven’t chosen a third video to share. I was thinking about something in depth like a DKDKTV review.

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