K-Drama Watchlist for 2020

Okay Netflix! The global situation was perfect for us this year. Korean dramas on deck, some oldies, some classics, some new releases. What a year!

Currently, I’m watching: Her Private Life (not on Netflix actually), Because This is My First Life, Run On, and Lovestruck in the City.

I just finished: My First First Love, Was It Love?, Start-Up (I’m Team Nam Do San, don’t hate me), and Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

At first I wasn’t going to watch Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol but I’m glad I did! I can’t believe I doubted anything Go Ah Ra is in, not to mention Lee Jae Wook. Shame on me. Then, Start-Up was so nice! I was definitely torn between Nam Do San and Han Ji Pyung, but by the end I was agreeing with Seo Dal Mi and was all for Nam Do San to win my heart lol. I randomly watched Was It Love? and My First First Love to clear out my Netflix Watch Later List. They weren’t epic dramas but they were good! I loved seeing familiar faces in them here and there. They’re good light filler dramas to watch between the big ones.

Earlier in the year that felt forever ago, I watched: Record of Youth, Mystic Pop-Up Bar, Vagabond, It’s Okay to Not be Okay, The King: Eternal Monarch, My Country: The New Age, Crash Landing on You, and The Bride of the Water God.

I took breaks while I was watching Vagabond (long breaks) and Mystic Pop-Up Bar, but the rest were captivating and took no breaks. Especially Crash Landing on You, that was epic! It’s Okay to Not be Okay was amazing too, with phenomenal acting from the entire cast!

Also, I set myself up on this site to help track my dramas: MyDramaList.com. Gonna finish up 2020 strong!

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