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Single on Valentine’s Day AND during a global pandemic and stay at home orders sound extraordinarily miserable.

Not for me! I decided I wanted to try making myself some sugar cookies! Also, I have a cookie challenge to do with a friend and this is my practice/trial run since I’ve never actually made cookies myself before. Opportunity!

So to Pinterest I went to find recipes I can try out! I decided I want to do a low-carb healthier version of the cookies so I wanted to try almond flour and dairy free – only to offset that with the sweetest off-the-shelf ready-made squeeze-from-a-tube icing. But I think in the end I went with just gluten free one to one flour.

Here is the result. I ended up with 54 cookies!! For myself!

I got the cookie cutters in three different sizes and I might have rolled the dough too thin instead of keeping it thicker and getting fewer cookies.

Here are the recipes I found. I want to try some more later this year, but I might make my own icing.

Quarantine baking levels unlocked!

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