K-Drama Watchlist for 2020

Okay Netflix! The global situation was perfect for us this year. Korean dramas on deck, some oldies, some classics, some new releases. What a year! Currently, I’m watching: Her Private Life (not on Netflix actually), Because This is My First Life, Run On, and Lovestruck in the City. I just finished: My First First Love,Continue reading “K-Drama Watchlist for 2020”

Pinterest Find of The Week

Every Christmas for the past 4 years, I’ve been taking pictures and creating Christmas cards to send to my friends and family. The only thing is, I’m no model so I have no idea what pose to do! I would need a professional photographer to give me pointers and guidance. Just look at these cardsContinue reading “Pinterest Find of The Week”

My Intro to K-Pop and Korean Music

Someone recently asked me to share three Youtube videos of reactions or just good Korean music that I love so he can check it out for himself. THE PRESSURE! This is almost impossible! Like everyone else, I watched and loved PSY’s Gangnam Style but that didn’t intrigue me enough to dig deeper, it was justContinue reading “My Intro to K-Pop and Korean Music”

Did My PS4 Kill My Blog?

My brother-in-law predicted this would happen and I didn’t believe him. I had all plans this year to keep my blog up to date and active. This was not the year for that after all. Before I even got my TV, I was switching my 24″ work monitor from work position to tv position onContinue reading “Did My PS4 Kill My Blog?”

Standing Up For Others vs Fighting Battles for Others

“That’s so offensive!” How many times have we seen cries of offense being made by the person or group of people who are not the target of offense? Claims of appropriation of culture from others not from that culture. Accusations of thoughtless insensitivity from others not involved. For example, amid all the lockdowns and thenContinue reading “Standing Up For Others vs Fighting Battles for Others”