Be Careful, But Don’t Overthink!

This is something I’m still personally working on. It’s more than being indecisive about where to park in an empty parking lot, or choosing something to eat from a decked out menu in a restaurant. It’s walking the fine line between caution and recklessness. It applies to so many aspects of life. For example, rightContinue reading “Be Careful, But Don’t Overthink!”

My First At Home Relaxer

I bit the bullet and did my own relaxer at home, thanks to COVID-19. I mainly did it to encourage my sister to do hers as well in support and solidarity. We were both pretty nervous about doing it even after watching different YouTube tutorials and tips, but she was way more nervous than IContinue reading “My First At Home Relaxer”


I’m all in on the homebody/house mouse lifestyle. The Covid-19 lock down has nothing on me! Growing up, my parents traumatized me and my sister out of ever being bored. Any “I’m bored” utterances were met with “Let me give you something to do” responses, and it was always something to do with chores orContinue reading “#TeamNeverBored”

Life Lessons for Approaching 30-something

I started writing this in 2017. I was one year away from turning 30 and this listicle post was to be an inspiring list of accomplishments I should be looking to achieve or working towards in the coming decade. 3 years later and I’m about to turn 32. I can proudly say I have beenContinue reading “Life Lessons for Approaching 30-something”