Be Careful, But Don’t Overthink!

This is something I’m still personally working on. It’s more than being indecisive about where to park in an empty parking lot, or choosing something to eat from a decked out menu in a restaurant. It’s walking the fine line between caution and recklessness. It applies to so many aspects of life. For example, rightContinue reading “Be Careful, But Don’t Overthink!”


I saw this image online recently and it has one of those quotes that made me think #preach, #sotrue, and that double raised hand emoji. How can we be better human beings? I think this is a two-step process that most people focus solely on the first step (quite selfishly) and never move on toContinue reading “Understanding”

I Love ME!

“Well, if you can’t enjoy your own company, you’re not fit company for anyone else” – Unknown Can you spend time alone without the suffocating feeling of boredom closing in on you? One thing I had to learn a long long time ago was how to enjoy my own company. Had to learn?? When I wasContinue reading “I Love ME!”