Building REAL Freindships

I absolutely LOVED THIS! It really made me stop, think, and take stock of who is in my life, their purpose, and my purpose in theirs. Are you adding value to your friends’ lives? Are they adding value to yours? Are your connections real and deep? If you disconnected from social media today, would the connectionsContinue reading “Building REAL Freindships”

Gossip Much?

Are you driven to dish the “tea” at every chance you get? Do you thrive in conversations when you feel like you have the one-up on someone else because you know something about them they don’t know you know? Are you even aware you do it? Before you share information regarding one person with another,Continue reading “Gossip Much?”

My 7 Year Old Personality

One of this weekend’s beach musings was about the theory that the personality traits you developed by around age seven generally stuck with you through your adult life. One friend said this is a fact in her case, she’s still the bossy, assertive way she was before and likes things a certain way to this day.Continue reading “My 7 Year Old Personality”