Korean Dramas: Top 5

I’m going to try something almost impossible. This is my all-time top 5 Korean Dramas that I’ve watched in no particular order. I’ve watched 50+ Korean dramas ranging from slapstick silly funny to dramatically devastatingly sorrowful and everything in between. But this list happens to only include all epic binge-worthy dramas. Call me basic, obvious,Continue reading “Korean Dramas: Top 5”

Operation: TV Show Catch Up

Let me explain. Again. I watch a lot of content. Some of it is critically acclaimed, but most of it is niche and unpopular. I like to finish shows I’ve started so sometimes even if the show turns to trash, I feel like I should finish it to get that closure and be informed whileContinue reading “Operation: TV Show Catch Up”


I have found love on Netflix in the form of Korean Dramas! Generally, I’ve always  loved Asian culture starting with anime and Japanese (my main love) and now expanding to Korean dramas and everything South Korean. I’ve been learning Japanese for more than 10 years (so ashamed!) but life always keeps getting in the wayContinue reading “K-DRAMAS! <3”